Company Profile

V. S. Refrigeration Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based company having extensive experience in providing commercial refrigeration solutions. The company has its origin in installation of commercial refrigeration system, recently expanded to the field of custom building of coolroom, freezer room, commercial fridges and freezers.

Our expertise and specialization in the field is backed by 35 years of technical experience in refrigeration and cooling technologies. During the past 10 years, our chief refrigeration technician oversaw and undertook various refrigeration projects including for food and beverages industry, food manufacturing and packaging factories, hospitals and abbatoirs.

The performance and durability of our clients’ refrigeration facilities are our top priorities. In addition to excellent workmanship, we are committed to minimizing system emission and maximizing efficiency. We provide full warranty for products and installations, and take prompt action in responding to maintenance, service and repair needs of our clients.

To complement our existing custom building and refrigeration installation business, V. S. Refrigeration is sourcing and importing high quality refrigeration parts and equipment, to supply to refrigeration and cooling trades in Australia.

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