Service and Repair

We offer rapid response service and repair to all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment and cooling systems. Our fast and efficient service are based on the technician being 24/7 on call, as well as fully stocked service vehicle with ready access to major suppliers of parts and accessories. We understand your needs of complying with the  Food Safety Regulations, hence in addition to providing emergency service and repairs, we also offer superior level of after sales support and advice to ensure the continual efficiency of your refrigeration systems. Our refrigeration technicians are qualified and licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council. Talk to us about having a Capped-Price Servicing Agreement drawn up to prolong the life of your refrigeration systems and reduce un-budgeted repair costs in the future.



Fridges and Freezers

We specialize in custom-made commercial refrigeration solutions to businesses from technical planning to supplying of custom-built refrigeration and cooling products. Our 30 years experience in the field enables us to offer the most efficient way, both in terms of costs and performance, to operate your cooling systems. Our custom-made range of products include cold food bars, salad bars, juice bars, sandwich bars, dairy cases, cake displays, underbar fridges, glass door drink fridges, freezers, coolrooms and freezer rooms. Our own refrigeration product manufacturing team has been working with us for more than 10 years, together we received numerous customer satisfaction reviews due to excellent workmanship and after-sales service. All refrigeration and cooling products are fitted with premium quality refrigeration systems by our Australian licensed refrigeration technician. In the area of refrigeration installation, we source and use equipment and parts from reputable Australian-based dealers such as Actrol, Heatcraft, Patton and Coldpoint. We offer a one-year warranty for refrigeration systems, as well as capped-price servicing for all our custom-built refrigeration and cooling products.



Refrigeration Systems

Our company originated in year 2002 as a Melbourne-based commercial refrigeration subcontractor. To date we installed thousands of refrigeration systems for food and beverage outlets, meat processing factories and butchers, cheese factories, petrol stations, roadhouses and refrigerated trucks etc, both within Melbourne and interstate. We use premium quality equipment and parts in our refrigeration installation, to ensure reliability in performance and durability of the system. Our experience and track record led the company to be engaged as main refrigeration system installer by various commercial food services equipment dealers and custom builders of commercial fridges and freezers. We recently completed a project in Bali, Indonesia for an Australian-owned holiday resort. Our main refrigeration technician has over 30 years experience in the trade, and is licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council, hence ensuring full compliance of Australian standards. We are confident in providing the best expertise from technical advice to the installation and commissioning of a wide range of refrigeration systems. We are particularly familiar with the operation of:

  • Coolrooms
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Bottle Cabinets
  • Beer Dispensing Systems
  • Glycol Systems
  • Wine Storage Cabinets
  • Food Cabinets
  • Cake Display Cabinets
  • Glass Door Fridges and Freezers
  • Underbar Glass Chillers

Condensing unit

Coolroom and Freezer Room

We specialize in the custom building of coolroom and freezer room on site of your business premises. All custom built coolrooms and freezer rooms are complete with refrigeration systems, installed by our licensed refrigeration technicians with full compliance to Australian standards. Our experienced team provide premium workmanship at affordable prices. Every project is handled with extreme care and expertise from the initial quoting and measurement stage, extending beyond building and finishing, to after-sales servicing.